By Year:
2019Making Money from What You Know - How to Sell InformationShani Alkoby, Zihe Wang, David Sarne, Pingzhong TangAAAI 2019
2019Learning Plackett-Luce Mixtures from Partial PreferencesAo Liu, Zhibing Zhao, Chao Liao, Pinyan Lu, Lirong XiaAAAI 2019
2019Prophet Inequality for Bipartite Matching: Merits of Being Simple and Non AdaptiveNikolai Gravin, Hongao WangEC 2019
2019Envy-Freeness Up to Any Item with High Nash Welfare: The Virtue of Donating ItemsIoannis Caragiannis, Nick Gravin, Xin HuangEC 2019
2019Optimal Budget-Feasible Mechanisms for Additive ValuationsNick Gravin, Yaonan Jin, Pinyan Lu, Chenhao ZhangEC 2019
2019Spectral analysis of matrix scaling and operator scalingTsz Chiu Kwok, Lap Chi Lau, Akshay RamachandranFOCS 2019
2019O(log^2k/loglog{k})-Approximation Algorithm for Directed Steiner Tree: A Tight Quasi-Polynomial-Time AlgorithmFabrizio Grandoni , Bundit Laekhanukit and Shi LiSTOC 2019
2019Tight Approximation Ratio of Anonymous PricingYaonan Jin , Pinyan Lu , Qi Qi , Zhihao Gavin Tang , Tao XiaoSTOC 2019
2019Tight Revenue Gaps among Simple MechanismsYaonan Jin, Pinyan Lu, Zhihao Gavin Tang and Tao XiaoSODA 2019
2019Correlation-Robust Analysis of Single Item AuctionXiaohui Bei, Nick Gravin, Pinyan Lu and Zhihao Gavin TangSODA 2019
2019Zeros of Holant problems: locations and algorithmsHeng Guo, Chao Liao, Pinyan Lu and Chihao ZhangSODA 2019
2019Approximability of the Six-vertex ModelJin-Yi Cai, Tianyu Liu and Pinyan LuSODA 2019
2018Uniqueness, Spatial Mixing, and Approximation for Ferromagnetic 2-Spin SystemsHeng Guo, Pinyan LuTOCT 2018
2018A Simple Mechanism for a Budget-Constrained BuyerYu Cheng, Nick Gravin, Kamesh Munagala and Kangning Wang WINE 2018
2018Facility Location Games With Fractional PreferencesChi Kit Ken Fong, Minming Li, Pinyan Lu, Taiki Todo, Makoto YokooAAAI 2018
2018Ex-post IR dynamic auctions with cost-per-action paymentsWeiran Shen, Zihe Wang, Song Zuo IJCAI 2018
2018Testing Symmetric Markov Chains From a Single TrajectoryConstantinos Daskalakis, Nishanth Dikkala, and Nick GravinCOLT 2018
2018Counting hypergraph colourings in the local lemma regimeHeng Guo, Chao Liao, Pinyan Lu, Chihao ZhangSTOC 2018
2018An Improved Welfare Guarantee for First Price AuctionsDarrell Hoy, Sam Taggart and Zihe WangSTOC 2018
2018On the Parameterized Complexity of Approximating Dominating SetKarthik C. S., Bundit Laekhanukit, Pasin ManurangsiSTOC 2018
2018Ex-post IR Dynamic Auctions with Cost-per-action PaymentsWeiran Shen, Zihe Wang, Song ZuoAAMAS 2018
2018The Value of Information ConcealmentHu Fu, Chris Liaw, Pinyan Lu and Zhihao Gavin TangSODA 2018
2018On the Complexity of Closest Pair via Polar-Pair of Point-SetsRoee David, Karthik C. S., Bundit LaekhanukitSoCG 2018
2018Survivable Network Design for Group Connectivity in Low-Treewidth GraphsParinya Chalermsook, Syamantak Das, Guy Even, Bundit Laekhanukit, Daniel Vaz APPROX-RANDOM 2018
2018Dichotomy for Real Holant^c ProblemsJin-Yi Cai, Pinyan Lu and Mingji XiaSODA 2018
2018Separation in Correlation-Robust Monopolist Problem with BudgetNick Gravin and Pinyan LuSODA 2018
2017Liquid Welfare Maximization in Auctions with Multiple ItemsPinyan Lu and Tao XiaoSAGT 2017
2017An FPTAS for Counting Proper Four-Colorings on Cubic GraphsPinyan Lu, Kuan Yang, Chihao Zhang and Minshen ZhuSODA 2017
2017From Gap-ETH to FPT-Inapproximability: Clique, Dominating Set, and MoreParinya Chalermsook, Marek Cygan, Guy Kortsarz, Bundit Laekhanukit, Pasin Manurangsi, Danupon Nanongkai and Luca TrevisanFOCS 2017
2017Computational Issues in Time-Inconsistent PlanningPingzhong Tang, Yifeng Teng, Zihe Wang, Shenke Xiao and Yichong XuAAAI 2017
2017Hotelling-Downs Model with Limited AttractionWeiran Shen and Zihe Wang AAMAS 2017
2017Optimal Mechanisms with Simple MenusPingzhong Tang and Zihe WangJournal of Mathematical Economics
2017Holographic Algorithms with Matchgates Capture Precisely Tractable Planar #CSPJin-Yi Cai, Pinyan Lu and Mingji XiaSIAM Journal on Computing
2017Worst-Case Mechanism Design via Bayesian AnalysisXiaohui Bei, Ning Chen, Nick Gravin and Pinyan LuSIAM Journal on Computing
2016Nonnegative Weighted #CSP: An Effective Complexity DichotomyJin-Yi Cai, Xi Chen and Pinyan LuSIAM Journal on Computing
2016Uniqueness, Spatial Mixing, and Approximation for Ferromagnetic 2-Spin SystemsHeng Guo and Pinyan LuAPPROX-RANDOM 2016
2016Combinatorial Multi-Armed Bandit with General Reward FunctionsWei Chen, Wei Hu, Fu Li, Jian Li, Yu Liu and Pinyan LuNIPS 2016
2016FPTAS for Hardcore and Ising Models on HypergraphsPinyan Lu, Kuan Yang and Chihao ZhangSTACS 2016