The FAW2018 Program

The tentative program is available now. Click here to download FAW 2018 Program.

May 7, 2018

On-site Registration
The hotel lobby of Guangzhou Southern Club Hotel

May 8, 2018

Group Photo
9:30-10:10 Session Chair Jianer Chen
Invited talk:Yijia Chen
Parameterized AC^0 -- some upper and lower bounds
Coffee break
(25 mins each talk)
Session Chair
Yijia Chen
Two Kinds of Generalized 3-Connectivities of Alternating Group Networks
Chang, Pai, Yang, Wu
On the Longest Spanning Tree with Neighborhoods
Chen, Dumitrescu
New Approximation Algorithms for the Minimum Cycle Cover Problem
Yu, Liu, Bao
The Maximum Distance-$d$ Independent Set Problem on Unit Disk Graphs
Jena, Jallu, Das, Nandy
2:00-2:40 Session Chair Pinyan Lu
Invited talk: Nick Gravin
Correlation-robust mechanism design
2:40-3:30 Session Chair Nick Gravin
Non-Orthogonal Homothetic Range Partial-Sum Query on Integer Grid
The Complexity of Weak Consistency
Liu, Liu
Coffee break
3:50-5:05 Session Chair Yixin Cao
Guarding Polyhedral Terrain by $k$-Watchtowers
Tripathi, Pal, De, Das, Nandy
Some (in)tractable parameterizations of Coloring and List-Coloring
Arora, Banik, Paliwal, Raman
Kernelization for P2-packing: A Gerrymandering Approach
Li, Ye, Cao

May 9, 2018

9:00-9:40 Session Chair Jianer Chen
Invited talk: Ran Duan
Vertex-Update Connectivity and Shortest Path Oracles
9:40-10:30 Session Chair Ran Duan
On the minmax regret path center problem on trees
Wang, Ye, Li
A Strongly Polynomial Time Algorithm for the Maximum Supply Rate Problem on Trees
Takayama, Kobayashi
Coffee break
10:50-12:05 Session Chair Tian Liu
Parameterized Algorithms for Minimum Tree Cut/Paste Distance and Minimum Common Integer Partition
You, Wang, Feng
Classical Complexity and Fixed-Parameter Tractability of Simultaneous Consecutive Ones Submatrix & Editing Problems
M R, Subashini, Jagalmohanan
Improved kernels for several problems on planar graphs
Feng, Zhuo, Tan, Huang, Wang
2:00-2:40 Session Chair Pinyan Lu
Invited talk:Mingji Xia
An introduction to some methods and results in counting complexity
2:40-3:30 Session Chair Mingji Xia
Exact algorithms for allocation problems.
Narayanaswamy, Annamalai.
Exact Algorithms for the Max-Min Dispersion Problem.
Akagi, Araki, Horiyama, Nakano, Okamoto, Otachi, Saitoh, Uehara, Uno, Wasa.
Coffee break
3:50-5:05 Session Chair Qilong Feng
Low-Weight Superimposed Codes and their Applications
Gargano, Rescigno, Vaccaro
Single Vehicle’s Package Delivery Strategy with Online Traffic Congestion of Certain Delay time
Li, Xu
Balanced Random Constraint Satisfaction: Phase Transition and Hardness
Liu, Wang, Xu

May 10, 2018

9:00-10:00 Session Chair Jianer Chen
Keynote talk: Andrew Chi-Chih Yao
Recent Progress on Simple Multi-item Auctions
Coffee break
10:20-12:00 Session Chair Wenbin Chen
On Bayesian Epistemology of Myerson Auction
Deng, Zhu
A Method to Compute the Sparse Graphs for Traveling Salesman Problem Based on Frequency Quadrilaterals
Wang, Remmel
Optimal length tree-like refutations of linear feasibility in UTVPI constraints
Wojciechowski, Subramani, Williamson
Efficient Algorithms for a Graph Partitioning Problem
Vaishali, Atulya, Purohit