Computational Approaches for Medical and Health Care Problems (Danny Z. Chen)


Computational problems and solutions in modern medicine and health care have direct impacts on the quality of life and well-being in society. Therefore, the development of effective computational approaches and techniques for medical and health care problems is highly critical. This is the charge and mission of the emerging area of computational medicine.

In this talk, we present a set of important computational problems and approaches in modern medical research, clinical practice, and applications. In particular, we discuss computational problems that arise in medical imaging, clinical diagnosis, and treatment optimization. These include identification and distribution analysis of immune cells (for diagnosis and prognosis of breast cancer, inflammation diseases, and auto-immune diseases, and in stem cell study of leukemia bone marrow micro-environments), image analysis for many 3D medical objects (e.g., blood clots, joint structures, retinal layers, airway and vascular networks, etc), motion tracking of massive swarming bacteria in image movies, optimized radiation cancer treatment, etc. We demonstrate new models for formulating such problems as computational problems, and provide effective approaches for solving them. Further, we show experimental data and results to illustrate the clinical applications of our approaches. Finally, we highlight some important future research trends and problems in this exciting emerging area.


2016-07-06  14:00 ~ 15:00   


Danny Z. Chen ,College of Engineering,University of Notre Dame


Room 308,School of Information Management & Engineering, Shanghai University of Finance & Economics