By Year:
Year Title Author Venue
2019 Learning Plackett-Luce Mixtures from Partial Preferences Ao Liu, Zhibing Zhao, Chao Liao, Pinyan Lu, Lirong Xia AAAI 2019
2019 Prophet Inequality for Bipartite Matching: Merits of Being Simple and Non Adaptive Nick Gravin, Hongao Wang EC 2019
2019 Envy-Freeness Up to Any Item with High Nash Welfare: The Virtue of Donating Items Ioannis Caragiannis, Nick Gravin, Xin Huang EC 2019
2019 Optimal Budget-Feasible Mechanisms for Additive Valuations Nick Gravin, Yaonan Jin, Pinyan Lu, Chenhao Zhang EC 2019
2019 Spectral analysis of matrix scaling and operator scaling Tsz Chiu Kwok, Lap Chi Lau, Akshay Ramachandran FOCS 2019
2019 Making Money from What You Know - How to Sell Information? Shani Alkoby, Zihe Wang, David Sarne, Pingzhong Tang AAAI 2019
2019 O(log^2k/loglog{k})-Approximation Algorithm for Directed Steiner Tree: A Tight Quasi-Polynomial-Time Algorithm Fabrizio Grandoni , Bundit Laekhanukit and Shi Li STOC 2019
2019 Tight Approximation Ratio of Anonymous Pricing Yaonan Jin , Pinyan Lu , Qi Qi , Zhihao Gavin Tang , Tao Xiao STOC 2019
2019 Counting Hypergraph Colorings in the Local Lemma Regime Heng Guo, Chao Liao, Pinyan Lu, and Chihao Zhang SIAM Journal on Computing 2019
2019 Counting Independent Sets and Colorings on Random Regular Bipartite Graphs Chao Liao, Jiabao Lin, Pinyan Lu, Zhenyu Mao APPROX-RANDOM 2019
2019 Revenue Maximization with Imprecise Distribution Yingkai Li, Pinyan Lu, Haoran Ye AAMAS 2019
2019 New Tools and Connections for Exponential-Time Approximation Nikhil Bansal, Parinya Chalermsook, Bundit Laekhanukit, Danupon Nanongkai, Jesper Nederlof Algorithmica 2019
2019 On the Parameterized Complexity of Approximating Dominating Set Karthik C. S., Bundit Laekhanukit, Pasin Manurangsi Journal of the ACM 2019
2019 On the Complexity of Closest Pair via Polar-Pair of Point-Sets Roee David, Karthik C. S., Bundit Laekhanukit SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 2019
2019 Tight Revenue Gaps among Simple Mechanisms Yaonan Jin, Pinyan Lu, Zhihao Gavin Tang and Tao Xiao SODA 2019
2019 Correlation-Robust Analysis of Single Item Auction Xiaohui Bei, Nick GravinPinyan Lu and Zhihao Gavin Tang SODA 2019
2019 Zeros of Holant problems: locations and algorithms Heng Guo, Chao Liao, Pinyan Lu and Chihao Zhang SODA 2019
2019 Approximability of the Six-vertex Model Jin-Yi Cai, Tianyu Liu and Pinyan Lu SODA 2019