By Year:
Year Title Author Venue
2020 Approximability of the Eight-Vertex Model Jin-Yi Cai, Tianyu Liu, Pinyan Lu, Jing Yu Computational Complexity Conference 2020
2020 Strategyproof Mechanism for Two Heterogeneous Facilities with Constant Approximation Ratio Minming Li, Pinyan Lu, Yuhao Yao, Jialin Zhang IJCAI 2020
2020 On Approximating Degree-Bounded Network Design Problems Xiangyu Guo, Guy Kortsarz, Bundit Laekhanukit, Shi Li, Daniel Vaz, Jiayi Xian APPROX/RANDOM 2020
2020 Polylogarithmic Approximation Algorithm for k-Connected Directed Steiner Tree on Quasi-Bipartite Graphs Chun-Hsiang Chan, Bundit Laekhanukit, Hao-Ting Wei, Yuhao Zhang APPROX/RANDOM 2020
2020 Worst-case conditional hardness and fast algorithms with random inputs for non-dominated sorting Sorrachai Yingchareonthawornchai, Proteek Chandan Roy, Bundit Laekhanukit, Eric Torng, Kalyanmoy Deb GECCO Companion 2020
2020 Re-Revisiting Learning on Hypergraphs: Confidence Interval, Subgradient Method, and Extension to Multiclass Chenzi Zhang, Shuguang Hu, Zhihao Gavin Tang, T.-H. Hubert Chan IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
2020 Bounded Incentives in Manipulating the Probabilistic Serial Rule Zihe Wang, Zhide Wei, Jie Zhang AAAI 2020
2020 Optimal Common Contract with Heterogeneous Agents Shenke Xiao, Zihe Wang, Mengjing Chen, Pingzhong Tang, Xiwang Yang AAAI 2020
2020 Optimized Cost per Mille in Feeds Advertising Pingzhong Tang, Xun Wang, Zihe Wang, Yadong Xu, Xiwang Yang AAMAS 2020
2020 Bayesian Nash Equilibrium in First-Price Auction with Discrete Value Distributions Zihe Wang, Weiran Shen, Song Zuo AAMAS 2020
2020 Inference from Auction Prices Jason D. Hartline, Aleck C. Johnsen, Denis Nekipelov, Zihe Wang SODA 2020
2020 Zeros of ferromagnetic two-spin systems Heng Guo, Jingcheng Liu, Pinyan Lu SODA 2020
2020 Fully Online Matching Zhiyi Huang, Ning Kang, Zhihao Tang, Xiaowei Wu, Yuhao Zhang and Xue Zhu Journal of the ACM 2020
2020 Towards a Better Understanding of Randomized Greedy Matching Zhihao Tang, Xiaowei Wu and Yuhao Zhang STOC 2020
2020 Online Stochastic Max-Weight Matching: prophet inequality for vertex and edge arrival models Tomer Ezra, Michal Feldman, Nick Gravin and Zhihao Tang EC 2020