The Institute for Theoretical Computer Science (ITCS) is a newly established academic unit at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) whose goal is to create a world-class environment for research in broad areas of theoretical computer science. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics is a top-ranked research university specializing in economics, finance and business studies. In recent years, SUFE has been expanding into fundamental disciplines that are closely related to finance and economics, among which computer science is at the top of its list. ITCS is one of the key priorities of this high-level mission.

Work at ITCS span core problems in theoretical computer science, as well as interdisciplinary topics through the lenses of theoretical computer science. Our work on fundamental problems in algorithms and complexity include classification of computational tasks through dichotomy theorems, and the design of approximation algorithms. In social sciences, we study computational economics with our work on mechanism design and computational game theory; In natural sciences, we study computational physics with our work on phase transitions and complex networks. Our work on machine learning, information theory, and operations research also have direct interactions with engineering and information technology.

As a new institute, we are hiring at all level (both tenure-track and tenured faculties) and are looking for self-motivated PhD students. We also have positions for postdocs, visiting professorships, and visiting students. We sincerely welcome those who aspire to pursue studies or research in areas broadly related to theoretical computer science to join us.